Senator Susan Lee has introduced and sponsored bills to fight identity theft, internet fraud, counterfeiting, cyber-terrorism, cyber stalking, Spam, online child pornography, and other internet-related crimes. She sponsored the Electronics Communication Safety Act of 2010, a pivotal act prohibiting the use of hand-held cell phones while driving for anyone 18 years and older.

Senator Lee is very active in introducing and passing bills to protect the environment. Some notable bills that she has sponsored and passed are the Healthy Air Act, Bay Restoration Fund, Energy Efficiency Standards, the Agricultural Stewardship Act, Maryland Strategic Energy Investment Program, and the Alternative Energy Tax Incentive of 2009.

Senator Lee has also worked hard to sponsor and support legislation to ensure a quality education for all children, improve our public school system through modernization and reduction in class sizes, bring affordable and quality health care to Marylanders, improve gun control, increase procurement opportunities for women and minority owned small businesses, and fight domestic violence, senior and child abuse, hate crimes and drunk driving.

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