Supporting Women, Children and Families

Senator Susan Lee and Maryland Women

Senator Susan Lee, a civil rights attorney, was elected to the Maryland Senate in 2014 after serving 13 years in the House. She is a Deputy Majority Whip and a Member of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee; Co-Chair of the Maryland Cybersecurity Council Subcommittee on Law, Policy & Legislation; and Member of the Safe Harbor Youth Victims of Human Trafficking Workgroup and Governor’s Family Violence Council. As a former President of the Women’s Legislative Caucus and Co-Chair of the Identity Theft Task Force and Nanobiotechnology Task Force, Susan helped pass laws to fight domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, elder and child abuse, home invasions, cyber- crimes, identity theft and to advance education, telehealth, bioscience and IT.

Here are some of her 2018 legislative accomplishments:

  • Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking: The General Assembly passed her bill to allow law enforcement to arrest an accused domestic abuser or violent criminal who violates a stay away pretrial order, thereby saving lives at the most volatile period for a domestic violence victim; and her bill allowing domestic violence and human trafficking victims to shield their new addresses when recording real property deeds to enable them to escape their abusers, to recover and rebuild their lives. This legislation is the result of years of efforts with victims’ services groups and government entities.
  • Terminating the Parental Rights of Rapists and Effectively Prosecuting Sexual Assaults: The legislature finally passed a law to terminate the parental rights of rapists; and to allow a finder of fact to consider evidence of other sexual assault accusations to rebut a defense of consent. Both of these perennial issues can finally be laid to rest.
  • Fighting Sexual Harassment: In the wake of the #MeToo movement, the legislature created a Workplace Harassment Commission to evaluate and address sexual harassment policies in the legislature and provide for independent investigators; and also passed a bill to prohibit contract provisions requiring a waiver of due process rights in a sexual harassment complaint.
  • Women’s Reproductive Rights: The legislature passed her bill to require correctional facilities to provide adequate menstrual hygiene products for female inmates, which will ensure they are provided with basic essentials and afforded fundamental human dignity despite their past transgressions.
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