Protecting Identity, Security and Election Integrity

Senator Susan Lee and Maryland Cybersecurity Council

Senator Susan Lee, a civil rights attorney, was elected to the Maryland Senate in 2014 after serving 13 years in the House. She is a Deputy Majority Whip and a Member of the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee; Co-Chair of the Maryland Cybersecurity Council Subcommittee on Law, Policy & Legislation; and Member of the Safe Harbor Youth Victims of Human Trafficking Workgroup and Governor’s Family Violence Council. As a former President of the Women’s Legislative Caucus and Co-Chair of the Identity Theft Task Force and Nanobiotechnology Task Force, Susan helped pass laws to fight domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, elder and child abuse, home invasions, cyber- crimes, identity theft and to advance education, telehealth, bioscience and IT.

Here are some of her 2018 legislative accomplishments:

  • Identity Theft and Cybersecurity: Senator Lee was the Senate lead sponsor of legislation to require credit reporting companies, which hold consumers’ sensitive personal data without their authorization, to provide free of charge the freezing or thawing of their credit reports. This is a critical tool consumers can use to proactively prevent identity theft, particularly in light of the recent Equifax and Yahoo large-scale data breaches. The legislature also passed laws to expand Maryland’s Cybersecurity Tax Credit and create a Cybersecurity Public Service Scholarship Program. As the Co-Chair of the Maryland Cybersecurity Council Subcommittee on Law, Policy & Legislation, Senator Lee will continue her work on legislation to fight ransomware, anti-net neutrality policies, and catastrophic cyberattacks, and to make Maryland the Epicenter of cyber innovation and jobs.
  • Protecting Elections from Outside Interference: To prevent foreign intrusions of or interferences with our elections, the legislature passed laws to require the State Board of Elections to report to the Department of Information Technology any cyberattacks and to notify officials of potential breaches; and to require social media websites like Facebook to report to the State Board of Elections the names of purchasers of social media ads and the amounts paid.
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